August 2014

17The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth,
whatever you did for one of the least
of these brothers of mine,
you did for me.’
[Matthew 25:40]

Greetings in the name of Christ,

What does it mean to be an active member of the church? It means sharing more fully in the life of the church by attending worship regularly, witnessing and sharing God’s love in your life, serving God and neighbor responsibly and faithfully, and giving of your time, talent, and financial support to further the church’s mission, locally and throughout the world.

Why is it important to be active in the church? Because you are the church! The church is more than just a building to worship in. The church is people, the combined life of all who believe that Jesus Christ is Savior. Because the church needs you! As a follower of Christ, you are called to let your faith and your good works bring light to the world.

Christ’s ministry belongs to the church. This means Christ is alive and present in each church member. Being an active church member allows you to express more fully your commitment to Christ through worshipping and serving God and to anticipate more joyfully everlasting life with Christ.

Active church membership strengthens your involvement with other members of the church as well as with potential members. It enables you to enrich your relationships with other people and increase your opportunity to love and be loved in the same way Christ loves us.

One of the main reason for being active in the church is LOVE – for God, ourselves, and one another.

The benefits of active church membership include:

  • Personal growth that comes from basing your goals, priorities, and relations with others on your involvement with Christ;
  • A sense of belonging, knowing you are a unique and contributing member in the faith community;
  • Church growth, as a result of renewed church activity, witness, mission, and service by active members;
  • A sense of fulfillment, knowing you are carrying out your role as a Christian, whether as a teacher, parent, counselor, church leader, choir member, volunteer or other lay person;
  • Renewed purpose from the fact that, as a Christian, you are participating in a special mission and a destiny that goes beyond day-to-day living; and
  • Spiritual joy, the talents and spiritual gifts of other active church members can be a joyous blessing. And, your gifts can bring joy to others!

Active church membership is a chance for you to serve others. We are reminded in Matthew 20:28 that the “Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve…” As God’s church grows, there will be many opportunities to serve others in many different ways, in many different activities. God gave each of us special gifts to use in furthering Christ’s work. Active church membership is an ideal way to use your spiritual gifts.

  • Discover your gifts, whether for teaching, running an office, preparing food, or providing comfort. The church provides many avenues of service.
  • Use your gifts to glorify God and serve others. Although God gives you a gift, it is up to you to nurture, strengthen, and use it wisely.
  • Make God’s church an important part of your life.
  • Worship regularly at church and in small groups whenever you can. Regular worship is the best way to stay active and involved in church activities. It is also the root of your vision and activity.
  • Pray and seek God’s counsel daily. Personal prayer is a powerful way to heal hurt and open doors to new walks of life.
  • Welcome others to the church. Encourage new members to participate in church projects. Get to know them and make them feel personally involved in the church’s life.
  • Be an active church member! Experience the unique joy of serving Christ. Nurture your gifts and talents. Put your faith in Christ into positive action. Work to fulfil Christ’s mission in the world.
  • Use your body, mind, and spirit to better serve God.
  • Join us at 10:00 a.m. for Sunday school and at 11:00 a.m. for Worship.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

In faithful service,
Don Baker

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